Lately we have been really busy building our own software testing products and today I want to tell you more about one of them. is a testing service that we like to call as “Your Own Test Team In The Cloud!”.

You can submit your Android/iOS application’s release candidates or work-in-progress builds to, choose from hundreds of real devices to test your app on, and in 48 hours receive a bug and improvements report prepared by our ISTQB certified testing professionals. I want to emphasize: all testing is done on real physical devices and only by professional testers.

Don’t Lose Your Customers

According to a survey by Compuware, only 16% of users will try a failing app more than twice. And because of very high level of competition this number can decrease even more. is an easy way to test release candidates of your apps for any bugs that can scare away your users. And you know how hard is to get them to use your app in the first place.

A word of advice – it is crucial to test your app not only after you make changes to the app itself, but changes to back-end infrastructure can also break things.

This is how you submit your app
This is how you submit your app

Test48 team helped us to prepare our applications’ version for release, detect multiple potential improvements and ascertain that our developed solution will be user friendly, functioning and without any critical issues.

Veiko Raime, CEO of Mobi Lab

We Will Take Care of Testers and Devices

Long gone are the days when you could run your app on a single device and rather quickly go through critical use cases manually. Now we have to consider more device models, screen resolutions, OEM’s, network conditions etc. Of course you could buy tens of devices for your testing needs, but in reality usage of these devices would be rather ineffective. Plus, every major manufacturer is releasing new devices every year and you must update your device farm.

At we have more than 500 real Android and iOS devices (phones, tablets, smart watches etc.) and we add new devices when needed. This also means that we have multiple devices running betas of newest OS versions, so you can test if your app is compatible with next the major version of Android or iOS. We do not work with emulators, because some functionality (networking, hardware acceleration, GPS, etc.) can only be tested on real devices.

Choose devices for testing
Choose devices for testing

The same applies to testers. It is becoming harder to find professional software testers and running an in-house team of testers can be very expensive. With you can count on our ISTQB certified testing professionals. They have the experience needed to quickly find bugs and prepare professional test reports with all the information needed (description, screenshots, video etc.) so your development team could reproduce and remedy all bugs from your app.

With the help of Test48, Mobilly development team got a very detailed report about their newest app version. It is easy to miss something if you are looking at your own product every day, thus high quality external testing is very important. Tests in Test48 are done by professionals who can delve deep into the product specifics.

Anna Doškina, Product development manager in Mobilly

Mobile App Testing With Is Easy And Fast

When you are ready to publish your app, you need professional testing and you need it fast. By using the whole process of testing your mobile apps is streamlined and convenient. You just upload your application file, fill out the necessary information (you can even tell us to look for specific things) and our testers will begin the testing process shortly after. In 48 hours your bug and improvement report will be ready for viewing. You even can see the countdown in your dashboard.

We used Test48 platform to test our mobile game and have been very pleased with this experience. A large range of devices to choose from, a comprehensive dashboard and results come in 48h as promised. Our team of developers especially appreciated the structure and detailed descriptions in the bug reports. This helped to resolve the issues and take our game to a new level.

Linda Lukasinska, Project Lead of Beetroot Lab

3_Test48_ClientReport dashboard Helps You Estimate Testing Expenses

With it is really easy to estimate how much application testing will cost. Just select how many devices you want your app to test on and you will be presented with fixed price per device (75 EUR + VAT). You can also use Trial with one free test on a random device. After the first round of testing you will know in what shape your app is in and can proceed to testing on different devices or ask for precise estimation of quality assurance services. We are here to help you with all aspects of quality of your software product!