Plan, test early and automate wisely

Our consultants will make sure the right software quality assurance processes are established for your organization. We focus on decreasing development and time to market by applying automation techniques that will provide early and constant feedback about product quality.

Penetration testing

We perform planned, managed and dedicated attacks, reverse-engineering activities. etc. We find security flaws, point them out and help to apply necessary fixes.

Battery testing

Dedicated laboratory (hardware + software) is used to run precise battery-usage measurement tests for your mobile application. Exact battery-usage information is gathered with specific instruments and results are presented to your team in clear visual fashion.

Read more about our battery testing.

Usability testing

Our usability testers are well trained and understand mobile UI guidelines from Apple, Google and Microsoft; in addition, we have devices from all major phone and tablet manufacturers in all possible form factors.

automated software testing

Mobile, Web, back-end. We have expertise in all major automation tools and techniques, and we’ll find the best fit for your organization. Besides automation we can integrate automated tests within your Continuous Integration system for early and frequent feedback.

data usage testing

We have precise instruments to test how much data you are consuming and point out areas for improvement.

REST API testing

We provide automated REST API regression testing and post-production monitoring, as well manual inspection of REST API implementation details.

Our engineers will smoothly integrate within your development process and ensure they define the best test strategy and process. We have experience working with several development methodologies, including agile (Scrum, Kanban) and traditional approaches (waterfall, spiral). We can adjust to the processes of your development teams, becoming either the final gate of quality for your product in a traditional approach, or part of the development team in the agile world.
We have several ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualifications Board)-certified engineers in our team, and are proud to be an ISTQB Gold partner organization. This partnership guarantees a very high level of expertise in software testing according to the best industry standards, and high service quality.

"We’re very satisfied with services “TestDevLab” provides to us. Working with “TestDevLab” engineers have helped us to constantly keep high quality bar providing good quality service to our customers."

Ghislain Ulrich


Libon (Part of Orange Group)

"Cooperation with “TestDevLab” engineers in various software testing activities (manual, automation, battery testing), have helped us to provide good quality products to our clients."

Veiko Raime


Mobi Lab

"Engineers from TestDevLab did excellent work to design, implement and test software based on our requirements. Besides delivering high quality software, engineers from TestDevLab understood requirements quickly and very well, as well came up with valid suggestions for improvements."

Artūrs Mednis

Managing Director

Inspired Digital