Ready to take the quality of your product to the next level?

You’ve come to the right place. We can ensure quality in every aspect of your product. We have a team of world-class engineers and consultants with experience working for companies like Skype, Microsoft, Libon, WorldRemit, and many others, and excellent references.


We offer everything from definition, set-up and implementation of quality-assurance processes to manual, automated and even highly advanced test techniques!

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For mobile, Web or back-end systems, our highly qualified software engineers will become your development partners, building high-quality products based on your requirements.

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Here are the most popular services used by our clients. Take a look at what services apply to your organization and feel free to get in touch.

Security and penetration testing

We are experts in penetration and security testing, with experience working on several large-scale projects in banking, social communications and other industries.

Battery and data-usage testing

Our services are used by major players in VoiP, Instant Messaging and other industries. Join them and discover the benefits of our battery and data-testing laboratory expertise!

automation test development

Whatever your product, we’ll find a way to automate it at the right level, integrate it into your Continuous Integration systems, and provide early and frequent feedback to your Product Team.

software quality assurance

We integrate our services into your development processes – most commonly the agile Scrum process. Our consultants provide input to all aspects of quality assurance, including manual, automated and performance testing.

Mobile, Web and custom development

Android, iOS, Web, back-end – for any solution you can think of, we can become your partners in development.

REST API testing and automation

We plan, automate and carry out tests of your REST API services. To make your life easier, we’ve developed apimation.com – try it now!

Our products

Besides the wide range of services we provide to our customers, we also develop solutions both for ourselves and for our customers. Try them out and send us your feedback.


Battery and data-usage test lab.


Test management and automation tool for RESTful API services.

Vārda svētki

iOS app for namedays in Latvia.


Android/iOS app for static or live location sharing.


iOS/Android app for real-time currency-exchange calculations.


iOS/Android/Windows Phone app for real-estate and car advertisement notifications.



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