Network simulation services

Ensure the best possible user experiences no matter the network environment and surrounding conditions with robust network simulation testing. Our services identify performance bottlenecks under various real-world scenarios.

A network engineer sitting at a desk and working on a laptop computer.

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Simulate every possible scenario

With our network simulation services we can perform synthetic network simulation tests executed in a custom built network simulation laboratory or test your application under real world scenarios, like airports, shopping malls, etc.

A network engineer sitting at a desk, working on a laptop while also viewing an external monitor.

Controlled network conditioning

During controlled network conditioning, we are simulating network conditions in a custom-built lab, where we can adjust more than 10 metrics, like bandwidth, packet loss, delay, jitter, and more.

Real-world network conditioning

If synthetic network conditioning in a controlled environment is not enough, we can go one step further and provide real-world network conditioning, testing your solution under various scenarios in real time.

An ISP (Internet Service Provider) tower visible behind a building.
A network engineer sitting at a desk and working on a laptop computer.

Full-scale network conditioning

Our network simulation services can mimic a wide range of real-world networking conditions by adjusting key variables individually or in combination. This enables assessing performance under diverse environments reflecting actual usage.

We can implement and adjust:

  • Bandwidth
  • Packet loss
  • Delay
  • Jitter
  • Disconnections
additional use cases

Extend the testing suit

Our network simulation capabilities seamlessly integrate with other testing types to uncover issues no single software testing method would reveal alone.

An office workspace with a QA engineer sitting at a desk and working.

We can combine test automation scenarios with network conditioning to cover edge cases and test how your app behaves under different network conditions.

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lab setup

Insight into the setup

Network simulation setup depends on the scenario you want to simulate, but here's a an insight into components our controlled network conditioning setup consists of.

Network engineer sitting at the desk, working on a computer.

All platforms covered

In order to provide accurate test results, we are utilizing our device farm of more than 3500 real and factory reset devices spanning across different manufacturers, OS's, OS versions, etc.

We cover:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop
  • Web
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