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The travel and hospitality industry is highly competitive and users are quick to give up on a product if it does not work as intended. Having experienced quality assurance engineers by your side who can offer you great software testing services is the only way to keep up with the fierce competition.

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Key challenges

Penetrate a saturated market

Breaking into the travel and hospitality software market is difficult due to its saturation. To secure a place among industry leaders, you have to provide a great product that meets and exceeds user expectations. To achieve this, rigorous testing is a must.

Overcome challenges related to:

  • Performance issues
  • Data security
  • Device compatibility
  • Accessibility issues
  • Usability issues
  • Network conditions
  • Location accuracy
We can help

Deliver an exceptional travel experience

We have extensive experience testing software for companies in the travel and hospitality industry. Our team can help you test your app on a wide range of devices, identify the root cause of issues found, or work with your development team to establish a long-term testing strategy that will keep your application free of major defects.

Make sure your solution is reliable and efficient. Performance testing for travel and hospitality solutions can be extremely complex because they usually have a lot of different features. Leave it to experienced QA engineers who know what to expect when testing performance aspects of such solutions.

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Get useful information about your solution. See how your end-users interact with your solution and find out if they can use it intuitively as intended. Get a leg up on even the toughest competition in the travel and hospitality industry by providing a solution that won't disappoint.

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Make sure your solution is accessible to everyone. Let experienced software testing engineers validate your solution's compliance with accessibility standards. We will ensure that it meets all the necessary requirements and provides equal access to all users.

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We have built a custom solution that simulates different network conditions and delivers detailed recommendations for potential improvements. Avoid unnecessary requests going in and out, and make sure you don't get caught off guard by sudden software failures and other inconsistencies.

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With over 3,500 real devices in our possession, we are well-equipped to perform in-depth compatibility testing across different platforms, screen sizes, manufacturers, OS's and their versions. This way, you can be sure that every user gets a smooth experience, no matter the device they use.

Our team of security experts will make sure that your end user's data is safe and your app is not vulnerable to malicious attacks or fraud. We will conduct vulnerability scans, penetration testing, stress testing and more. Let us find issues before your users do.

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Partner with industry experts

We have extensive experience working with companies in the travel and hospitality industry. No matter the type of app you have, from travel planning to hotel booking and travel insurance, we are here to help you deliver seamless digital experiences.

We cover:

  • Accommodation solutions
  • Travel planning applications
  • Airline applications
  • Navigation applications
  • Hotel management systems
  • Transport applications
  • Travel insurance applications
  • Banking applications

A superior travel experience

Get reliable results that will help you boost the quality of your travel and hospitality solution. We'll help you locate bugs faster so you can spend less time worrying about issues and more time working on new features.

Enhanced performance

Be sure that your application can stay responsive, stable and usable even under unexpected load increases and use cases.

Improved accessibility

Make sure your travel and hospitality solution provides an inclusive experience for all users.

Actionable insight

Get useful data on the usability of your application and use this insight to improve the quality of your solution.

Increased compatibility

Ensure that your solution can be accessed and used on a wide range of devices across different platforms and use cases.

Greater reliability

Improve the reliability of your app by ensuring it can operate smoothly under different real-life conditions and use cases.

Well-defined QA process

Streamline your testing efforts with a detailed test plan, clear requirements, and an actionable defect report.

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We are proud to work with some of the most innovative companies in the travel and hospitality industry. Our clients include private and public companies whose solutions are used by billions of people each day.

  • Omio
  • Tuul
  • Getify
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