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CX (Customer Experience) testing is a way to evaluate how your end-user interacts with your digital product or service. CX testing, you can ensure that your customers are receiving exceptional experiences when interacting with your solution.

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The importance

CX as a path to success

Customer experience flows through the entire customer journey across every brand interaction and touchpoint. Starting from the first app impressions to post-sales pop-up promotion offers.

Despite its importance, many products are launched without evaluating the end-user experience. Our CX testing services embed customer perspective from the start, uncovering friction points and enhancing journeys in alignment with actual user workflows.

We can help

Simulate real-world customer experience testing

During CX testing, we follow the entire customer journey by testing and analyzing omnichannel interactions, touchpoints, and overall performance of the product to help you deliver smooth customer experiences.

When building an application, it’s important to make it logical and user-friendly. During UX review, our UI/UX designers will go through your application and provide an independent insight into whether it’s built within best practices and won’t get the end-user lost in a cluster of functions.

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Behind the scenes

Processes behind CX testing

Although the above mentioned testing types are a foundation of Customer Experience testing, there are multiple testing activities that need to be done behind the scenes in order to call it an extensive CX testing service.

It also involves:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Localization testing
  • Business logic validation
  • Web analytics testing
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