Compatibility Testing Services

Compatibility testing confirms your software functions properly across today's diverse technology landscape. With 3500+ real devices for testing purposes, we can identify compatibility issues before they reach your end-user.

Mobile device rack used for test automation purposes.
We can help

Ensure cross-platform confidence

With more than a decade of QA experience under our belt, we can uncover compatibility risks that undermine performance, delivering a smooth experience no matter the operating system, device or configuration.

Mobile compatibility testing

With more than 2000 mobile devices spreading across different OS’s, OS versions, manufacturers, screen resolutions, configurations, we can perform rigorous compatibility testing to simulate nearly all scenarios.

QA engineer watching 3 devices placed on a desk.

Browser compatibility testing

Although it's a mobile app era, we can’t forget about browser compatibility. It has its own specifics and can lead your customers to bad user experiences. We can test your application on different desktop and mobile browsers across various browser versions and devices, detecting issues impacting web visitors and users.

A QA engineer working with multiple laptops on a desk.

Cross-platform compatibility testing

Lots of applications now are made for both mobile and web environments. For that reason it’s crucial to test cross-platform compatibility and with our experienced QA engineers and instant access to test devices it’s possible.

A desk with three mobile devices and a laptop.
Testing approach

From manual to automated testing

Each project is unique with its own specifics, for that reason, it’s important to choose the right testing approach - either do it manually or implement test automation. To cover all use cases, we can do both.

Manual testing

If you are looking for one time compatibility testing to understand your digital product’s current state, leveraging human perception, it’s most convenient to do it manually. It also helps cover edge cases that test automation can’t do.

Test automation

Ideally, compatibility testing should be included in your CI/CD pipelines, to detect bugs in a very early stage and save time and resources in the long run. To detect regressions and cover edge cases, it’s best to mix test automation with manual testing.

Two QA engineers sitting at desks, wearing headphones and working on laptops.
Device farm

Instant access to 4000+ real devices

During the years, we have understood that it’s best to use real devices for testing, instead of emulators/simulators. Yes, emulators/simulators would be cheaper, but they have their downsides and we want to deliver the best results possible.

A QA engineer standing next to a test device rack.

2500+ mobile devices

From 30+ manufacturers, with different screen resolutions, OS’s, OS versions, and configurations.

1000+ computers

Covering laptops and PC’s with different specifications from various manufacturers.

500+ other devices

Including various TV’s, VR headsets, Wearables, mobile device addons, etc.

Device farm access is free of charge for our clients.

The process

How It's Being Done

Compatibility testing process can vary based on project specifics, but there are a few core steps that always stay the same.


Product analysis

First we thoroughly evaluate product specifics to determine compatibility testing scope, target audiences, key devices/platforms, and business objectives.


Device matrix creation

Based on compatibility testing scope, target audiences and all the rest factors, we build an extensive device matrix to cover to meet requirements and cover all use cases.


Compatibility test execution

Our QA engineers perform precise compatibility testing utilizing either manual testing, test automation or both.



When compatibility testing is done, we provide a detailed test report with all the defects found and suggestions for improvements.

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