Group of QA engineers working on their desktop app testing projects.

Desktop application testing services

Are you looking for a reliable QA service provider to test your desktop application? With more than a decade of experience, 3,500+ real testing devices, and a team of ISTQB certified professionals, we can ensure your solution works as intended and exceeds customer expectations.

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Functional testing

Gain more confidence in your product

With more than 3,500 real test devices in our vault, practical knowledge of industry-leading testing tools, innovative approaches, and ISTQB certified engineers, we will provide the required coverage and service level to ensure confidence in your product.

Manual testing

We can test your desktop application against a broad range of devices with different screen sizes, resolutions, OS versions, and configurations. In addition, we are able to simulate different app usage situations under a variety of real-life network scenarios to prevent performance issues.

Our manual testing services include:

  • Smoke testing
  • Exploratory testing
  • Usability testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • System testing
  • Regression testing
  • Integration testing
  • Test execution based on predefined use cases
QA engineer working on a manual testing project.
QA engineer working on test automation.

Automated testing

Our experienced and certified test automation engineers will help you get a complete understanding of your product’s functional state by using an automated testing approach. Invest your time into testing more complicated scenarios and leave the static and repetitive tests to our test automation engineers.

Our automated testing services include:

  • Setting up continuous integration
  • Building an automated test setup
  • Creating test cases based on predefined use cases
  • Covering regression tests
  • Providing insights to improve code coverage
Non-functional testing

Find out your product's limitations

With over a decade of experience in desktop app testing, we will help measure your desktop application's performance, identify potential areas of improvement, and compare results to your competition.

Want to discover your product's limitations? With a strong dedication to software quality assurance and more than a decade of experience, our engineers will help determine your desktop application's KPIs and identify performance bottlenecks, and put together a comprehensive plan for ongoing testing.

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QA engineer working on non-functional testing project.
QA engineer holding a mouse and looking at a computer screen.
Engagement models

Custom solutions. Competitive rates.

From providing test engineers on-site or working remotely with access to a wide range of testing equipment and advanced testing labs—we provide the best solutions tailored to your team's needs at highly competitive rates.

Remote team

  • Extensive knowledge across TestDevLab engineers
  • Reduced costs with no hidden fees
  • Collaboration with development and engineering teams

On-site team

  • Working from clients' offices
  • Engineers with specific knowledge and skill set
  • Instantly available for physical meetings
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Test your solution faster and more thoroughly by working with quality assurance experts who will help you develop a testing solution tailored to your needs.

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