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Make sure your security and authentication solution is secure with our software testing services. Whether your solution offers 2FA, password management, e-signatures, or other security features, we can help you ensure that it meets the highest security standards while working flawlessly.

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A QA engineer testing a security and authentication solution on a smartphone and tablet.
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Key challenges

Keep your credibility intact

Security and authentication applications are useful, however, they come with their own sets of risks and challenges—like reputational damage in the event of data leaks. For this reason, it is vital that you test your application against security standards and legal regulations to keep everything in check.

We can help you overcome security challenges related to:

  • Security threats
  • Data leaks
  • Two-factor authentication processes
  • Multi-factor authentication processes
  • Password management
  • Digital signatures
  • Biometric authentication
  • Regulatory compliance
A QA engineer testing a security and authentication solution on a mobile device.
We can help

Provide world-class security

Our certified QA engineers have been helping clients in the security and authentication arena for over 10 years now. With our expertise at your disposal, you'll be able to focus on other business priorities while we ensure your solution is secure, reliable, and compliant with all regulations.

Security is one of the most important aspects of security and authentication solutions. Our team will help you find vulnerabilities and loopholes in your solution so you can fix them before they become a more serious problem.

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We have years of experience with performance testing and understand how to simulate real-world usage scenarios that will make sure your security and authentication solution is reliable, secure, and efficient, while your users' data is safe and protected.

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With usability testing you can see how real users interact with your solution. Get useful information and find out if it is comprehensive and intuitive. Stand against even the toughest competition in the security and authentication industry by providing a solution that won't disappoint.

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Make sure your solution is accessible to everyone. Let experienced software testing engineers validate your solution’s compliance with accessibility standards and help meet all the necessary requirements and provide equal access to all users.

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We simulate different network conditions, so you can see how your code is responding. Get detailed recommendations for improvements to your source code, minimize unnecessary requests going in and out, and avoid sudden software failures and other inconsistencies.

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Test automation is an effective way to significantly reduce time and resources spent on testing activities in the long run. Cover more test cases in less time and ensure that your application is secure and working as expected. Eliminate human error and maximize test accuracy.

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A QA engineer testing a security and authentication solution on a smartwatch.
A software engineer testing a security and authentication solution.

Partner with industry experts

Throughout the years we have worked with various clients from the security and authentication industry and know how well-built solutions should look like. Whether you have a 2FA solution that uses biometric data or a complex encryption solution—we got you covered!

We cover:

  • 2FA applications
  • Authentication solutions
  • Encryption solutions
  • Recovery solutions
  • Password management applications
  • VPN solutions
  • Malware protection applications
Our expertise

Working with certified consultants

Work with certified and experienced professionals who know exactly how to meet your needs related to security and authentication—and who have the certifications to prove it.

Certifications we cover:

  • CISA
  • CISM
  • OPST
  • ECCouncil
  • CEH
A QA engineer testing a solution for a client in the security and authentication industry.

A new level of security

We're experts in improving security and authentication solutions for companies just like yours. Don't waste another minute stressing about the quality of your product. Whatever challenges you face—we can help you overcome them.

Enhanced security

Prevent security issues from escalating into serious issues by finding and dealing with security vulnerabilities swiftly.

Improved performance

Make sure your security and authentication solution performs in a way that makes it reliable, secure, and efficient.

Greater reliability

Ensure users feel at ease knowing their personal data is protected when using your security and authentication solution.

Better usability

Find out how real users interact with your solution and seek out opportunities to improve the overall user experience.

Regulatory compliance

Feel more confident in your security and authentication solution knowing it complies with all security and ISO standards.

Actionable insight

Get useful data and insights into various aspects of your solution that will allow you to improve security and authentication processes.

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Our clients

We are proud to work with some of the most innovative companies in the security and authentication industry. Our clients include private and public companies whose solutions are used by billions of people each day.

  • Authy
  • Miracl
  • Smart-ID
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