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The demand for hardware, IoT, and embedded systems is growing, but due to their specific nature testing them can be quite difficult. That’s where our software testing services come in. Whether you have an industrial or consumer product with a hardware component, we can make sure you deliver a high-quality product.

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Key challenges

Achieve and maintain high quality

When it comes to IoT, we know it can be hard to strike a balance between user experience, hardware and software quality. That's why we’ve developed an approach to hardware and IoT testing that will ensure you deliver on all three of these fronts.

Overcome hardware and IoT challenges related to:

  • Performance issues
  • Data security
  • Device compatibility
  • Accessibility issues
  • Compliance requirements
  • Third-party data sharing
  • Validation processes
  • Network configurations
We can help

Test your solution in real-life settings

Choose from our most popular hardware and IoT testing services to make sure your IoT device can stand up to the conditions of real-life usage and respond appropriately. Our experienced QA engineers make achieving lasting success in the hardware and IoT industry look easy.

Find out whether the performance metrics of your hardware and IoT solution are within acceptable limits—latency, throughput, and response time. Our engineers will also check the overall stability of the solution under stress load and changing network conditions.

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Expertise across industries

Hardware and IoT solutions are used across various industries—healthcare, fintech, transportation, sports, retail, energy and utilities, manufacturing, technology, and many more. Whether you need to improve QA processes, measure performance, or check connectivity, we can help.

We cover:

  • Micromobility devices
  • Wearable devices
  • Smart metering systems
  • Sensors
  • Cloud applications
  • Smart home devices

Improve overall quality

With our hardware and IoT testing services you can be sure to receive results that will help you improve the overall quality of your solution and increase customer satisfaction. Whatever your challenges or pain points you face—we can help you overcome them.

Improved performance

Be sure your solution is performing up to par once we're done checking latency, throughput, response time, and overall stability.

Increased security

Keep users' data safe by detecting and dealing with security vulnerabilities before they become a more serious problem.

Seamless integration

Verify that your solution and connected systems can communicate properly so that your solution as a whole works as intended.

Stable connectivity

Be confident that your hardware and IoT solution will be able to connect with other devices and ensure a smooth flow of data.

Greater compatibility

Make sure your solution works on different hardware, software, operating systems, browsers, and network environments.

Enhanced usability

Ensure your hardware and IoT solution meets users' expectations by testing it in realistic conditions and different scenarios.

Tuul: Case study

Tuul stands for adding value to daily city life, reducing urban pollution, and creating new standards for electric micro-mobility vehicles in terms of durability, convenience, and care.

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Our clients

We are proud to work with some of the most innovative companies in the hardware and IoT industry. Our clients include private and public companies whose solutions are used by billions of people each day.

  • Eargo
  • Liewenthal Electronics
  • Tuul
  • Ubiquiti
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