Non-Functional Testing Services

Great apps demand more than features alone. Let's join forces to test, optimize and future-proof your applications with non-functional testing that confirms your solutions works like Swiss watch.

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Detect issues and inconsistencies

Performing non-functional testing requires diverse expertise, tools and perspectives. With proven testing methods and detailed insights, we can help you deliver the experiences users value.

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Find the upper limits of your solution with full-scale performance testing. It includes load testing with hundreds and thousands of concurrent users supplemented with network simulation, battery & data usage testing, audio quality analysis, and other aspects.

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Testing levels

Non-functional testing from day one

In contrast to functional testing, the importance of non-functional testing increases with each stage. Nevertheless, it's important to implement non-functional testing into your pipeline.

Integration testing

During the integration testing phase, non-functional testing is utilized for simple performance and compatibility tests of integrated systems to avoid issues down the line.

System testing

When all the individual components are integrated together, it's time to put a bigger focus on non-functional testing, testing the app's security, stability, compatibility, and more.

User Acceptance testing

The very last step is to test the application from the end-user perspective. That involves usability testing, accessibility testing, security testing, and performance testing with different surrounding conditions.

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Platforms covered

Equal quality standards for all platforms

Ensure your application delivers smooth and quality user experiences for all of your users, no matter how they access and use your solution. Let it be web, mobile, desktop, VR, or cross-platform, we cover them all.

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