Performance testing services

Whether you have planned a major product launch or simply want to understand your product’s limitations, our engineering team will work alongside yours to determine product performance KPIs and identify performance issues supported by a comprehensive plan for ongoing testing.

Software QA engineer getting ready to deliver performance testing services.

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When you may need it

Hope for the best. Be prepared for the worst.

Software performance is key to any successful product. If you want to ensure your product meets end user’s expectations, performance testing is a must.

Software Quality Assurance engineer working on performance testing project.

A slow application will annoy users and cause them to abandon it and look for an alternative. If you’ve received negative feedback or noticed performance issues in the development or staging environment—it’s time for performance testing.

We can help

Detect performance bottlenecks

Do you want to perform load testing to find your app's upper limit to see how your system behaves under pressure? No problem, we've got you covered!

Our performance testing services include:

  • Stress testing
  • Load testing
  • Volume testing
  • Endurance testing
  • Recoverability testing
Software QA engineer working on a report for a performance testing project.
Our laboratories

Custom-built solutions

We offer a range of software testing solutions that accelerate release cycles, reduce development costs, and help to improve user experiences. Our software testing solutions cover all stages of the SDLC and provide valuable insight into every aspect of your digital product.

Battery and data usage setup.

Battery and data usage testing

Does your app need a more in-depth and objective analysis to validate battery and data usage in real-life scenarios? Our advanced battery and data consumption testing setup can help.

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Battery and data usage

Optimize your app's performance by identifying battery and data usage leaks.

Competitive analysis

Compare battery and data usage with competitive products.

Regression testing

Ensure that new features or product versions do not introduce new performance issues.

Expert advice

Get detailed recommendations to improve source code and increase battery usage performance.

Audio and video quality testing

Want to know how your solution performs under different network and device configurations that go beyond manual and functional testing? Whether it's a conferencing, streaming, audio/video on demand, or any other solution that relies on audio and video—we’ve got your back. Take a look at what our audio and video testing solutions can do for you.

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Audio and video quality testing setup in action.

Testing VoIP applications

Check for poor call quality affected by slow network speeds or poor optimization.

Testing video conferencing apps

Evaluate the quality of audio, video, screen-sharing, and group calls.

Testing live streaming apps

Ensure a flawless real-time experience with no interruptions or barriers.

Testing other communication apps

Test other communication apps that rely on high audio and video quality.

Your load & performance testing partner

Load and performance testing has never been easier. With our custom-built solution you will be able to simulate tens of thousands of users from 10+ geographical locations.

Software QA engineer creating performance testing report.

Trust the process. Appreciate the outcome.

We ask you to trust the process so you can revel in its success. You will receive a detailed performance analysis report containing all the metrics you need—battery, data usage, average response times, comprehensive video and audio quality metrics, and more.

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Test your solution better. Faster. Together.

Test your solution faster and more thoroughly by working with quality assurance experts who will help you develop a testing solution tailored to your needs.

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