Competitive analysis and benchmarking

Are you looking for additional ways to secure your spot in the market or maintain your existing position? Be one step ahead of your competition by knowing their strengths and weaknesses—use our competitive analysis services.

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When you may need it

Identify performance gaps

Competitive analysis and benchmarking is an effective way to find out how you measure up against your competitors and identify performance gaps. Here are cases when you may need it.

Beating the competition

Learning more about your competitors will help you stay ahead of the game. Competitive analysis and benchmarking will give you valuable insight into your strengths and weaknesses and help your development team fix issues and define areas for improvement.

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Launching new app features

Are you planning to add new features to your application? Competitive analysis and benchmarking will give you a better understanding of how your competitors are doing. We will put together a detailed report to point out their shortcomings so you can avoid them when developing new features for your app.

Planning to go live

Launching an app is no easy feat. In order to break into a saturated market and outperform existing players, your app needs to be unique and work flawlessly. Competitive analysis and benchmarking is particularly useful when developing your app and adding the finishing touches that will ensure a successful launch.

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We can help

Secure a competitive advantage

To better understand how your product ranks among market leaders, we test apps that are most similar to yours. We can provide you with a detailed competitive analysis using different metrics. Our competitive analysis services include:

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Compare your mobile app's battery and data usage with your direct competition. This service includes real-life scenarios, such as background and foreground processes, varying network conditions, interference with other apps, and many more.

We can compare and determine audio and video quality by using industry-standard algorithms to detect audio and video sync issues, framing rate fluctuations, resolution changes, freezes, stalls, and more.

See how accessible your application is compared to your competitors. We can compare various elements, such as interactions with assistive technologies, distinguishable links, alternative texts, audio descriptions, captions, and more.

Wondering if it is possible to find out whether your direct competitors comply with software security standards or not? The answer is yes. With our competitive analysis and benchmarking services you can.

Are you curious to learn how easy-to-use and user-friendly your app competitors are? With our user experience comparison you can find out. No matter the platform, just provide us with a list of your competitors and leave the rest to us.

Compare your system's upper limits to your direct competitors and ensure that your system will be able to handle the load when theirs cannot. Know your limits, be prepared, and gain an advantage over your competitors.


Outperform your competitors

Upon completion, you will receive a detailed competitive analysis test report containing all the metrics you need to outperform your competitors. Simply define the metrics you want to find out and compare, and we will take care of the rest.

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