Battery & data usage testing services

Do you require a more in-depth and objective analysis to validate the battery and data usage of your application in real-world usage scenarios? With the help of our battery and data usage testing setup it's possible.

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A more energy-efficient app

Battery and data usage testing is a powerful tool used to identify and combat software issues that lead to unnecessary battery drain and data consumption. It offers various benefits that are just too good to ignore.

Optimize your app's performance

Determine battery and data usage leaks in most business-critical use cases.

Get a competitive analysis

Compare battery and data usage with your direct competition.

Prevent software regression

Make sure that software changes are not introducing new battery and data usage issues.

Make data-driven decisions

Use objective data to plan and make improvements to your app.

Platforms and methods

Multi-platform support

With over 3,500 testing devices with various OSs and their versions in our possession, we can go through critical functionality, gather detailed measurements, and correlate the data to device logs to determine what triggers spikes in consumption.

Battery and data usage setup connected to iPhone.
Test procedure

How it is done

Even though actual testing is automated, we manually review results to understand business-critical use cases as well as the main points of concern. Our test process and setup consist of several steps that allow us to get to the best possible result.


Test case creation

First, we define preconditions and write test cases that specify the set of actions needed to verify a feature.


Setup of preconditions

Next, we establish preconditions, such as network conditions, to successfully execute the test cases.


Test case execution

Then we execute the test cases and compare the expected results with the actual results.


Report generation

Finally, we gather the data and put it into a report which includes key consumption measurements.

Battery and data usage tests being executed across multiple devices simultaneously.
Report preview

Battery and data consumption

Get a detailed report on battery and data consumption and use it to your advantage—improve your solution's architecture, logic, and overall performance.

In the report you will see:

  • Current and power usage over time
  • Total consumed battery over the duration of the test
  • Expected battery life for any given scenario
  • Network usage over time and total network usage
  • CPU and memory usage profiles
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