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Adding real value to your project

To better understand how we work and to see the added value of our partnership in practice, it is necessary to know our workflow, engagement models, and the differences between us and other software testing service providers and business models. Schedule a call or read on to learn more.

How we work

Ongoing support. Steady results.

Every use case is unique and there is almost no one-size-fits-all template. We understand this. With a strong dedication to quality assurance and a mission to make better software products, we always look for the best approach and adapt to our clients' needs. Here's an example of our process.

Software testing engineer enthusiastically working on a project.

Initial call

First, we schedule a call to learn more about your product and testing needs.


Signing mutual NDA

Before any further activities, we sign a mutual NDA to keep sensitive data safe.


Defining requirements

We ask questions and listen to your needs. If needed, a POC is possible.


Signing contract

Next, we agree on and sign a master services agreement and statement of work.


Kickoff meeting

After signing the contract, we organize a kickoff meeting and start working on the project.


Check-ins and reviews

To ensure all testing requirements are being met, we provide regular check-ins and reviews.

Proof of concept

Explore the possibilities

Learn more about your product, understand the importance of software testing, and find out what you can expect to gain by working with us. This is our proof of concept model.

Insight into quality

To give you a better idea of what we offer and see our services in action, we are able to provide a proof of concept. To start off, we give honest insight into the quality and health of your product. At this stage, we also define actionable steps for future improvements.

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Two QA engineers performing software testing and immersed in their work.

Services in action

Our QA engineer will join your team for 1-2 weeks either remotely or on-site. Working alongside your teams, they will assess the current QA situation, perform tests, and present the outcomes—together with a testing plan—to your developers and stakeholders.

A detailed bug report

Get a comprehensive list of issues found during the assessment.

A feel for our work

Get to know our values and get a feel for our software testing capabilities.

An overview of quality

Get an overall view of your app and how it measures up against competition.

Final presentation

Find out how you should go about solving issues by receiving an action plan.

Engagement models

Custom solutions. Competitive rates.

From providing test engineers on-site to working remotely with access to a wide range of test hardware and advanced testing labs, we provide the best solutions tailored to your team's needs at highly competitive rates.

Remote team

  • Extensive knowledge across TestDevLab engineers
  • Reduced costs with no hidden fees
  • Collaboration with development and engineering teams

On-site team

  • Working from clients' offices
  • Engineers with specific knowledge and skill set
  • Instantly available for physical meetings
Software engineer at her computer communicating with a client.
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