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Accessibility is one of the key components of a high-quality application that meets all the latest development guidelines and regulations. Digital accessibility makes web content, software, documents, and other digital products and content accessible to everyone, including people with different disabilities.

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Software QA engineer performing accessibility testing on a laptop and desktop computer.
The importance of accessibility

Gain a competitive advantage

Accessibility allows your product to be accessible to everyone. This shows that you are considerate, attentive, and respectful to all of your users. Lack of accessibility testing can lead to a bad reputation and decrease your user base, resulting in direct monetary loss.

Software QA engineer using Accessibility Scanner tool on mobile phone.

Following the best accessibility practices will increase the potential audience for your product by giving everyone an equal opportunity to use it.

When you may need it

Building an inclusive product

Accessibility testing ensures your product is accessible to users with various disabilities. Here are some instances when you may need accessibility testing services.

Operating in the public sector

Building software for the public sector requires you to comply with governmental requirements.

Working in the private sector

Developing software for private companies may require you to comply with governmental requirements.

Creating a user-centered product

Consider how your product will be used by people with disabilities, different age groups, and cultural or linguistic backgrounds.

Building a winning reputation

Build an impeccable reputation for your company while increasing your customer reach and user retention.

Enhancing the user experience

Make sure your product delivers a great user experience to rank higher on search engines and increase visibility.

Developing an inclusive product

Improve your product by making it easy to use and readily available to everyone, including people with disabilities.

Accessibility guidelines

Equal access to all

Each country has its own accessibility requirements for organizations. However, many of these standards are included in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines or simply WCAG.

QA engineer performing accessibility testing on tablet.

Compliance with WCAG

When performing accessibility testing, we make sure your product is accessible to people with different kinds of disabilities and is compliant with the WCAG standard. You can be sure that our accessibility testing services meet the highest quality standards.


We check if users can discern content using the browser or assistive technologies in ways they can perceive.


We ensure users can successfully operate and control all the user interface components and navigations.


We make sure users can understand and operate the user interface in a predictable and consistent way.


We test to see if users can interact with content that is compatible with a wide range of user agents.

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Want to know more about the full extent of our accessibility testing capabilities? Visit our accessibility testing services page to find out what we have to offer.

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Deliver an accessible product

Accessibility testing requires a combination of manual and automated testing. Automated testing alone cannot detect all accessibility issues as it may give unreliable results, while manual accessibility testing is more efficient in testing dynamic features.

Manual accessibility testing

Manual accessibility testing allows you to detect accessibility issues that cannot be replicated by a machine or computer program.

Manual accessibility testing is used to assess:

  • Keyboard-only navigation
  • Compatibility with assistive technology
  • Error messages and error prevention
  • Distinguishable links
  • Accuracy of text alternatives
  • The meaningful sequence of content
  • Audio descriptions and captions
  • Other accessibility criteria that cannot be automated
Different tools used for manual accessibility testing.
QA engineer performing automated accessibility testing.

Automated accessibility testing

Most digital products contain content that is too large and complex to comb through by hand. Using automated tools helps speed up the testing process.

Automated accessibility testing is used to assess:

  • Page titles
  • Hierarchical heading structure
  • Presence of text alternatives
  • Empty links
  • Color contrast
  • Form labels
  • HTML page language and attributes

A more accessible product

Our engineers will provide you with a detailed accessibility testing bug report that will include all the issues found and suggestions for further activities. We can either use available tools to create our own bug report or use a tool or report template provided by you to create one.

Accessibility testing services in action; a person using a Braille keyboard.
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