Audio and Video Software Industry: 2023 in Review

Audio and Video Software Industry: 2023 in Review

As always, each day, we see something new happening in the AV world, but don't worry - we have prepared a review for 2023. We have noticed an increase in AI usage, the QUIC protocol getting a lot of attention, as well as AV1 integration in both software and hardware. And as always, there have been WebRTC advancements. We have highlighted important conferences and exhibitions that took place throughout 2023. Also, take a look at the list of some news articles we have collected - there may be some that you missed!


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Product News




  • Experimenting with End-to-End Encryption for Voice & Video. During this testing phase, developers aren't required to support end-to-end encryption. When a bot enters a voice channel, it will switch to standard protocols automatically, potentially causing a brief audio delay but ensuring a seamless user experience - Encryption for Voice and Video on Discord [Aug 11, 2023]









100ms Live


Digital Samba

Google Meet







Demuxed, 24-25 Oct, USA

Demuxed is a conference and community founded in 2015 by video engineers, catering to the technical side of video technology. It offers a platform for engineers involved in encoding, delivery, playback, and related areas. This year we also participated - Alvaro Laserna Lopez, Director of R&D and Test Automation and Country Manager at TestDevLab, attended and discussed the challenge of finding reliable metrics for audio quality assessment, noting limitations in existing algorithms like POLQA and ViSQOL.

To address this, we have developed two new deep learning-based algorithms: SpeechQ for speech transcription and ASQ-ViT for audio classification using spectrogram transformers. The results showed a strong correlation with subjective scoring, demonstrating the effectiveness and simplicity of these algorithms in providing objective quality measurements for audio outputs.

Some topics included:

  • Kyber, A New Approach for Real-Time Video and Controls Streaming Based on QUIC: Kyber is an innovative open-source project introducing a real-time video and controls streaming approach based on the Quic protocol. Offering low-latency encoding and decoding, it supports many applications such as Remote Desktop, Cloud Gaming, and Drone/Robot control, providing cross-platform compatibility for both client and server side, achieving impressive 20/25ms glass-to-glass latency using codecs like H.264, HEVC, VP9, and AV1, and leveraging FFmpeg and VLC for implementation.

VIDEO @Scale, 29-30 Nov

Video @Scale 2023 is a technical conference for engineers who develop or manage large-scale video systems. The @Scale community focuses on sharing people's experiences in creating innovative solutions. This year's conference featured speakers from Beamr, Eluvio, Google, Heygen, Ittiam, Meta, and StreamShark discussing topics like managing media processing in real-time, personalized and intelligent content creation and innovations driven by scaling challenges on both server and client sides. Some interesting presentations included:

  • Virtual Video Files, Materialize Videos Out of Thin Air: Mike Starr introduced the concept of virtual video files, a cost-effective solution for managing diverse video content by enabling instant creation and manipulation, reducing physical storage costs. He explained the differences between Progressive and Fragmented MP4 formats, highlighting practical applications like serving Progressive MP4s to players without Dash support and distributed encoding for parallel transcoding. He also introduced a custom file protocol for FFmpeg to enhance data handling efficiency.
  • Build a Performance and Reliable Real-Time Generative AI Video System: Building a Performant and Reliable Real-Time Generative AI Video System: Rui Zhang discussed HeyGen - an AI-driven platform for instant video creation with many avatar and voice options in over 40 languages. The talk covered optimizing connection states, AI video generation processes, implementing a five-tier cache, enabling real-time audio and text streaming capabilities, and developing an SDK for easier integration. The platform is designed for marketing, sales, training, and onboarding initiatives.

Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) Meetings

The Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) holds face-to-face meetings approximately twice per year. These meetings are open to the public and hosted by VQEG members. They feature progress reports, presentations on state-of-the-art research, debates on best practices, and discussions among video quality experts regarding video quality research.

This year there was an in-person meeting hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) at their headquarters in San Mateo, CA, USA from June 26-30. There was also an online meeting hosted by the University of Konstanz from  Dec 18-21. Some of the topics discussed included:

  • Comparison of Conditions for Omnidirectional Video with Spatial Audio in Terms of Subjective Quality and Impacts on Objective Metrics Resolving Power: This discussion revolved around audiovisual quality metrics for video streaming services, particularly models like VMAF_ViSQOL and P1203. The study evaluated the performance of these metrics, emphasizing resolving power and efficiency in assessing 360° videos with high-order ambisonics (HOA) audio across different setups. The conclusion suggested exploring the relationship between metrics' discriminability and resolving power, proposing new parameter-based models, and outlining future work analyzing additional data, including video-only scores and audio impacts across setups.
  • QoE for Remote Control and Human Interaction in Industrial Tele-Operated Driving: Kjell Brunnström from RISE Research Institutes of Sweden presented RISE's mission to support small and medium enterprises. His focus was on Quality of Experience (QoE) for remote control scenarios, including measurements of perceived sound and eye movement. He also touched on human interaction in industrial tele-operated driving and perceptual aspects of real-time video streaming with drones.

Streaming Media Connect

There were three Streaming Media Connect events this year - Feb 14-17, Aug 22-24, and Nov 13-16. These conferences offered many valuable insights into streaming, covering live streaming, OTT, content delivery, and next-gen TV, including topics such as:

  • The Future of Live Concert Streaming, a conversation with deadmau5: Deadmau5 discusses the limitations of live streaming, challenges and addresses the future. 
  • Beyond ChatGPT, How AI Is Transforming Streaming Workflows and Businesses: The role of AI in transforming streaming workflows and business strategies is crucial in the rapidly evolving media landscape. The discussion explores AI's impact on the streaming and video production industry, covering marketing, content editing, and workflow optimization. Key points include AI's role in intelligent video, ethical concerns, customer-centric AI app development, and its transformative effect on software development.
  • Quality and Quantity, Optimizing Live Streams at Scale: As streaming services continue to grow, optimizing live streams at scale becomes a key challenge. The discussion emphasizes the importance of choosing the right technology for high-quality and low-latency live streams, the evolution of streaming technology, and the transition of CDNs from stateful to stateless architecture.

Zoomtopia, 3-6 Oct

Zoom's award-winning event, Zoomtopia, unveils cutting-edge innovations and insights, showcasing the power of AI for enhanced collaboration and efficiency in the workplace.

This year new features to boost productivity in hybrid work settings were unveiled: 

  • Zoom Docs
  • Zoom AI Companion
  • Workvivo
  • productivity enhancements, for example, revamped Meetings tab and Zoom Notes,
  • Zoom Contact Center and Virtual Agent, including integrations with WhatsApp and Messenger
  • open ecosystem - Zoom App Marketplace with 2,500+ apps, third-party app support, and admin-authorized curated app lists for users.

Zoomtopia Partner Connect, a component of the main Zoomtopia event, expanded beyond San Jose - hosting additional events in London (November 29, 2023), Singapore (December 5, 2023), and Tokyo (December 7, 2023). These events offered participants the opportunity to explore Zoom's transformative platform updates and strengthen partnerships for continued success. Attendees heard from executive leadership and engaged with industry peers, making it a valuable experience for networking and insights.

Understanding Latency, 11-13 Dec

Understanding Latency explores the latest advancements in latency management, L4S, and low-latency networking through a webinar series led by industry experts, gaining insights into their impact on application performance.

International Conference on Signal Processing and Communication Systems (ISCPCS), 6-8 Sep, Poland

ICSPCS explores the evolution of communication systems through signal processing, covering AI, 5G, Green Communications, IoT protocols, medical and forensic applications, image, video and audio processing for multimedia.

International Workshop on Signal Processing and Machine Learning (WSPML), 22-24 Sep

WSPML seeks to create an open forum for researchers, engineers, scientists, and industrial delegates in the dynamic landscape of signal processing and machine learning. The conference facilitates the sharing of the latest insights and research findings through invited speeches, oral and poster sessions, and networking events, acknowledging the continuous evolution driven by technological innovations and scientific discoveries.

International Conference on Systems, Signals and Image Processing (IWSSIP), 27-29 Jun, North Macedonia

IWSSIP is a conference that unites researchers and developers from academia and industry to showcase the latest scientific advancements, discuss key issues, and present cutting-edge systems. The event, following successful editions in various global locations, invites papers on a range of topics for consideration.

Streaming Media East, 18-19 May, USA

Streaming Media East is a transformative event offering career and business insights for executives, managers, and technical professionals in the streaming media industry. With dedicated tracks, pre-conference workshops, and an Innovation Track, it provides comprehensive coverage of business strategies, trends, and technical advancements in streaming media.

IEEE Events

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers is a global association dedicated to advancing technology for humanity. With members spanning various technical disciplines, including electrical engineering, computer science, and electronics, IEEE publishes significant literature in these fields, develops industry benchmarks through standards, and hosts conferences, webinars, lectures, and forums to facilitate knowledge exchange and collaboration.



Some exhibitions related to audio video hardware and software products that took place during 2023 are:

2024 is here, and new conferences and exhibitions to attend will come. We are sure many more advancements will be made in the world of audio and video. Let's follow them closely as they unfold!

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