The State of Software Quality Assurance 2023

About the report

Get access to the latest data on test automation, manual testing, accessibility testing, audio and video testing, security testing, and more, as we investigate the most common practices, tools, and approaches used by QA teams and companies to ensure high-quality software.

With first-hand insights gathered from industry experts—QA engineers, software developers, product managers, technical leads, and other reliable sources—we explore the different types of software testing, identify patterns within the industry, and look at the key trends that will mark 2023.

Report highlights

  • In 2023, the main goal for 80% of companies in the software industry will be to improve their existing QA processes and practices.
  • Over three quarters of companies surveyed revealed that automated testing will be an important software testing approach implemented in their organization in 2023.
  • According to 73% of companies surveyed, manual testing will continue to be an important part of software testing.
  • Almost 1 in 10 companies do not have a dedicated team in charge of quality assurance.