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Do all the features of your application work as intended? Then it's time to find out whether or not your end users can access and intuitively use those features. With the help of our UX testing services, none of your users will be left behind with no chance to access or use your solution.

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Are you looking for someone who can deliver reliable results regarding your app's usability, accessibility and provide suggestions for improvements? We've got you covered.

Usability testing

Want to find out how real users interact with your app? With usability testing you can. Usability testing looks at how intuitively users are able to use your product. Our researcher, also called facilitator or moderator, observes the user's behavior to gather information. As a result, we infer problems from user actions and suggest improvements.

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UX audit

When building applications, it's crucial to keep in mind that they must be logically built and user-friendly. During UX review, our experienced UX/UI designers will provide an independent insight into whether the application is easy to use and the end-user won't get lost in a cluster of functions.

Accessibility testing

Accessibility is one of the key components of a high-quality application that meets all the latest development guidelines and regulations. With the help of our accessibility testing services, you will be able to make sure that web content, software, documents, and other digital products are accessible to everyone, including people with different disabilities.

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When you may need it

Put your users first

Are you happy with the way your app looks and works? Then it's time to find out whether your users agree with you. Here are some instances when you may need this winning combination.

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You might feel ready to launch your application, but are you 100% confident that all the features are intuitive and usable on different platforms, screen sizes, and operating systems? Based on our experience, there is always room for improvement.

You can expect to see changes in the code with every software update. To prevent unnecessary issues that could lead to severe faults, bad reputation, and financial loss—it's best to perform UX testing before each release.

For a more streamlined development process, you should implement accessibility and usability testing and conduct a UX audit throughout the software development lifecycle alongside functional testing.


Findings for better decisions

Get useful insights about your product in terms of usability, user experience, and accessibility. Using our findings, you will be able to make better development decisions and focus on building a user-centered product.

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