Time flies so quick! A full week has passed since we returned home from the SIGNAL London 2017 conference organized by our partner and communications expert Twilio. We’ve been to a number of SIGNAL conferences across the world before and it still is the best conference about the communications industry.

It’s a great event to meet companies and individuals who advance communications technologies and this time Twilio launched Twilio Studio – a service that can be used even by non-developers to build customer engagement applications like messaging bots, voice response and order notification systems, appointment reminders and even more. And it is really simple, you can drag-and-drop elements in a web based application. You can read more about Twilio Studio at Twilio blog. Recorded sessions of presentations can be viewed here.

Twilio Studio visual interface
Twilio Studio visual interface

As Twilio partner and sponsor of this conference, we attended SIGNAL with a stand and showed our services and products to the visitors of this event. Our robot Tappy was tapping merrily and doing a great job of attracting people to our stand 🙂

Formal part
Informal part

Looking for help with your call center, search or voice analytics?

We use these conferences not only for showcasing our services and products, but to find out about interesting and innovative companies. This conference was no exception and I would like to point out the three cool companies that we met there. Each of them covers their own field and be sure to check them out:

  • Ytica – This Czech Republic based company has 18 years of experience in contact center space and has created software for contact center reporting and conversation analytics. Ytica knows all the important metrics in running call centers and can help make smarter business decisions.
  • Algolia – They call themselves ‘the most reliable platform for building search into your business’ and provide all the necessary building blocks for creating fast and relevant search. Some of their clients are very well known companies, such as Stripe, Twitch, DigitalOcean, Vevo and Strava.
  • VoiceBase – Experts at VoiceBase are building powerful APIs for speech analytics and predictive analytics, enabling the search and discovery of spoken information. Their main goal is to be the most accurate, fastest and lowest cost solution in this field on a massive scale.

Let’s meet at the next SIGNAL!

SIGNAL London 2017 turned out to be a great event and we are sure to be a part of the next SIGNAL conference that will be held in San Francisco next October.