TestDevLab Stands With the People of Ukraine

Ukrainian flag

These past few days have been a stark reminder of how ruthless our world can be. TestDevLab is devastated by the unfolding of recent events and condemns the Russian war in Ukraine and the violence against the people of Ukraine.

Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine and all those affected by this terrible act of aggression and attack on peace. But we will not sit still and watch helplessly. We refuse to do so.

As a company with international teams and clients from all around the world, we will do everything in our power to help Ukrainians seeking refuge, as well as support those choosing to remain and defend their homes and country. 

TestDevLab co-founder, Andrejs Frišfelds, comments on the situation:

“Both as a company and individually, we condemn Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and consider it our duty to help the Ukrainian people at this difficult time. At the moment, our support will be implemented in three important directions and we will actively follow the development of the situation to identify additional ways in which we can help.”

At the moment we can help by:

  • Offering job opportunities and relocation. TestDevLab is ready to offer job opportunities to Ukrainian IT specialists and help them relocate to Latvia with their families. We currently have more than 20 open positions in various technology and administration specialties—software testing, development, computer network administration, and business development. 
  • Providing accommodation. We are able to provide housing for 20 Ukrainian refugees and their families, as well as computer equipment for their children so that they can continue education in Latvia. You can apply for help through the “I Want to Help Refugees” movement on the website: ukraine-latvia.com.
  • Making a monetary donation. We are participating in the “Entrepreneurs for Peace” movement by making a monetary donation. This initiative is organized by Latvian businesses and aims to provide supplies, such as food and medicine, to civilians who remain in Ukraine, as well as help welcome refugee families to Latvia. The “Entrepreneurs for Peace” movement was created by Latvian companies joining forces with the Ministry of Defense and the Embassy of Ukraine in Latvia. Many well-known and respected companies in Latvia have already joined.

We encourage companies and individuals to raise their voice, take action, and stand united against the violence in Ukraine. This is not just an attack on Ukraine—but an attack against all that encompasses freedom, peace, and democracy. Individually, we may be one drop, but together we are an ocean. So let’s lend our voices and offer our support in any way possible. 


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