TestDevLab Malaga Office: Now Open!

TestDevLab Malaga team

On March 9, TestDevLab officially opened the doors to its fourth international office in the Spanish city of Malaga. Opening a local office in Spain is an important step to expand our business operations for software quality assurance services and products.

Currently, we have a handful of employees—out of more than 500—working from the new office space in Spain. This latest office opening comes after TestDevLab opened three international offices last year, in Estonia, Lithuania and North Macedonia. We also pride ourselves on hiring talented engineers from all around Europe and beyond. At present, we have engineers working remotely from Albania, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Romania, Spain, Turkey, Brazil, and Tunisia.

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TestDevLab people at office opening

Why Spain—and why Malaga, specifically?

There are two main reasons—not counting the amazing talents that make up the Spanish IT community—why we chose to open an office in Spain and in Malaga, specifically. The first is the location and the second is the weather.

Andalusia Technology Park

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Silicon Valley’ of Europe, Malaga offers plenty of business opportunities in the ICT sector. Our new office is located in Andalusia Technology Park, also known as Malaga TechPark, which is the place to be for companies that specialize in software, telecommunication, electronics, mobility technology, health, and more.

At the moment there are over 630 companies that have set up their offices and R&D centers in Andalusia Technology Park, including some of the biggest international names: Google, Ericsson, Accenture, Telefónica, and Vodafone, to name a few. Additionally, more than 20,000 professionals work here.

Andalusia Technology Park

Sunny and vibrant

With more than 300 days of sunshine a year and average temperatures of 20ºC, Malaga boasts around 1.6 million residents hailing from over 140 different countries. This, along with its modern infrastructure and attractive lifestyle, makes the city a popular destination for working, living, and doing business.

A word from our co-founder

Our co-founder, Ervins Grinfelds, commented on the new office in Malaga, Spain:

We have had several employees from Spain working remotely in the company for many years and this allowed us to get to know the work culture and business environment of this country. Therefore, we made a strategic decision to open an office in Spain in order to provide a comfortable working environment for our employees and expand business operations in this country. We have had experience working with Telefonica and see that there are many more companies operating in Spain that can benefit from our vast experience in the software quality assurance field, and I expect that our local representation will allow us to establish successful collaborations with them. We also plan to cooperate with the local IT community in various events, as well as participate in the education of students in the areas of software development and testing. Our employees from other countries are also excited about the new office, as they can now take advantage of the opportunity to work from sunny Spain.

Alvaro Laserna Lopez, Head of Research and Development at TestDevLab, also shared his views about the new office and his beginnings in the company:

My experience in TestDevLab is quite extensive and goes through different stages. I started almost 5 years ago as a trainee test engineer in Latvia. During the first 3 years, while living in Latvia, I felt supported by my colleagues, superiors and the heads of the company at all times. In these 5 years I have grown a lot thanks to an active and rewarding work environment, which has led me to become the Head of Research and Development in the company. When I moved to Spain, I did not know that the company intended to open an office here, but I was pleasantly surprised. From the outset, I offered to help with all relevant procedures and office-related tasks. I am very happy that we have finally opened the office and are gradually welcoming more colleagues to our team.

Office tour

Our workspace

This is where work is done daily. Our open-floor plan gives us plenty of room to let our minds roam freely and collaborate more efficiently with our colleagues.

TestDevLab QA engineers working from Malaga office
The ultimate space for collaboration and innovation.

Common areas

Sometimes we like working away from our desks and enjoy having a nice space to have a moment to ourselves or take a break with colleagues. Luckily, our Malaga office has some bright spaces to relax, grab a coffee or just have a talk!

A common space in the TestDevLab Malaga office
A space where coffee breaks and creativity collide.
QA engineers in Malaga office
Teamwork makes the dream work.

Meeting rooms

Check out our meeting rooms.

TestDevLab Malaga meeting rooms
Spaces so nice, you'll forget you're in a meeting.


We also have a spacious kitchen to enjoy our lunch or make some great coffee.

TestDevLab Malaga office kitchen
Our kitchen—the place where ideas simmer and conversations sizzle.


Our office has a great terrace where we can step out for some fresh air and Vitamin D.

TestDevLab Malaga office terrace
The perfect place to take a break and recharge.

A space to grow and thrive

People holding drinks
Cheers! ¡Salud! Priekā!

There are currently 4 people working in the Malaga office—and so far so good. And we’ve had many colleagues from our other offices visit for a workation—because, why not? A couple of our QA engineers share their experience about working at TestDevLab:

TestDevLab QA engineers in Malaga
A few of our colleagues enjoying that wonderful terrace.
What I like the most about working at TestDevLab is the friendly and warm atmosphere during the workday, which helps to accomplish our personal and collective goals”. —Natalia, QA Engineer
Working at TestDevLab is an incredible experience. Coworkers are friendly and supportive. They help you with anything you need. It's just great! TestDevLab also focuses on individual development. Employees have a huge amount of resources to develop not only professionally, but also personally”. —Pablo, QA Engineer

Set for success

We have no doubt that our Malaga office is set for success. The office is quite spacious, so we still have room to welcome new colleagues to our team!

Head over to our careers page to see all open positions.

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